Why does everyone hate Evernote?

For the past few years, I’ve seen tons of web articles basically tracking Evernote’s “downfall”.

But is Evernote a bad note-taking app to use? Does it have a bad cloud storage or syncing service? I don’t know!

What I do know is that they haven’t stoped. When I Google the word, it immediately pops up articles about OneNote or Google Keep being a better alternative. So I decided to read threw a few of them and they all came up with the same conclusion: subscription. To further explain, let’s take a look at what Evernote’s offering.

First, we look at the prices of the subscription. So far its the same as any other subscription based app. It has three tiers of service: basic, plus, and premium. The basic plan offers the most useful features: seamless organization across platforms, clip web pages and images, share notes or notebooks, normal security (add passcode lock on mobile apps), scan items like business cards or other documents. The plus plan lets you forward emails into Evernote and access the notebooks offline. It also comes with customer support by email. When you upgrade to the premium package, you get the full benefits; most of which, I will agree is miscellaneous.

Unless you have the tendencies of an wound up busy-body, or someone with OCD, features like annotating PDFs or scan and digitizing business cards with multiple tags might become very tedious, no matter how much they try to simplify it. And I believe that’s the problem. Evernote UX platform is too simple. So simple that you have to either know how to use it off the bat or spend hours learning a new system. There’s no gray area.

There’s a saying about this.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein.

Let’s use Silicon Valley to illustrate my point; not the town, the show. For those who don’t know that I’m talking about. Silicon Valley is a show about a group of developers attempting to create the “next big thing”. I won’t try spoil anything in case you’re not caught up with the series, but I will say that the developers go through a similar scenario with their creation.

It can be difficult to make some complicated simple for the everyday person. Maybe that’s why people are so quick to say that Evernote is not the best app the choose. Maybe their features are so ‘meh’ that raising it’s prices  or limiting the amount of devices that people can sync from is some giant middle finger to the loyal customers that have been their since the beginning.

I chose Evernote because it was widely available throughout tons of platforms like Apple and Android. Google Keep is good taking quick notes. OneNote is good, but it has that notion to immediately state that it’s a Microsoft product. I will say that Evernote is mostly for longer note-taking capabilities. It sometimes gets annoyed at seeing a large white space with all the small notes I write.

If you prefer those other than Evernote, more power to you. I just don’t thing that people should be going down so hard on Evernote.

I do think they should increase the monthly storage size for their basic plan. 60 MB is not enough.

Until we meet again my friends, peace.