My name is Deonta.
I'm a


aspiring storyteller.

digital creative.

podcast nerd :)

I seek to create content that connects with others.

EMC 3070: Intro to Social Media Practice Featured What's New in New Media?

Anti-Semitic PewDiePie vs. The Media?

A few days ago, famous YouTuber PewDiePie posted a collection of videos that included an anti-Semitic comment that was taken out of context. Though he deleted those videos, Felix Kjellberg, his real name, became the center of a massive controversy which resulted in several consequences: Maker Studios, owned by Walt Disney company, […]

EMC 3070: Intro to Social Media Practice Featured podcasting What's New in New Media?

Dynamic Advertising Finally Comes to Podcasting

Podcasting is one of the oldest professions in new media, but not outdated. Shows like This American Life and Serial sparked the beginning of the new podcasting renaissance. Since the influx of new podcasts, companies started sponsoring some of them. The thing I liked about the podcast ads was it’s calm tone and […]

EMC 3070: Intro to Social Media Practice What's New in New Media?

Amazon Dash: Press the Button! You’ll Feel Great!

Amazon Dash is a small button that designed to make ordering products quick and easy. The Dash button is an embedded button that’s designated with the name of a frequently ordered product. The user configure each button to order a specific product and quantity, via the user’s account. This […]