Google finally joins the cord-cutting revolution by presenting their next addition to the YouTube brand: cable. The media company has just announced that YouTube will be providing its own cable/streaming services. Since 2014, YouTube has been attempting to compete with Netflix, providing YouTubeRed. YouTubeRed included many original television shows like SCARE PewDiePie, AwesomenessTV’s FOURSOME, and recent hit Mindfield. Now YouTube is aiming for competitors like SlingTV, DirectTV NOW, or PlayStationVue. Some of the features that we already know of includes the largest storage available. YouTube TV offers unlimted storage space for the users. The users will most likely have access to YouTubeRed Original Shows.

This could prove to be the ultimate game changer for media. One of the features that will be included in YouTubeTV is a recommend window to all the reaction videos of a specific episode from your favorite show. Those will pop up during the credits, much like the recommend windows Netflix displays while the credits roll.

As far as we know, YouTube has access to several channels for their package, including, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. There isn’t any deals on MTV or CNN yet. So far they have up to 40 channels. That’s probably their lowest package.

I really hope that YouTube can get past the bad blood between some of the corporations and give us a good cable package.

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