Business acquire companies to either buy out the competition or input their services to reach more customers. Website builder Wix seems to want to so the later. This week, the company acquired DeviantArt for $36 million. DeviantArt is a online community that serves at a space for artist to share their works of art. Whether it’s original comics, fan art, or fan fiction, DeviantArt has a reputation for being one of the few popular websites with little to no advertising, believing on the word-of-mouth approach.

Wix says that it will continue to provide service on DeviantArt. Actually, this will be beneficial for its users. DeviantArt users will have access to:

  • To access to Wix’s web design tools to build out more dynamic online presences, including cover design, commerce, and other features for running businesses online.

  • Second, Wix will open up DeviantArt’s repository of art and creative community to the Wix platform, giving Wix’s users access to that work to use in their own site building.

Can wait to see what the future come for new and current creators.

Until we meet again my friends, peace.

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