The Fall 2017 semester has been a rollercoaster ride; soaring to new heights and plummeting to new depths. And with it coming to a close. I wanted to look back at all that I’ve learned.

Since I began my college career, I have had many goals, graduating college and securing a job were the main ones. However, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to obtain a job with without gaining connections.

The most craziest part about it was that I had to do all that while managing 18 credit hours, which is the beyond anything that I recommend a college student to do. YOU DO NOT WANT TO TAKE 18 HOURS. And I tell you that for several reasons

  1. You won’t be able to hang out with your friends as much because you’ll have to study….a lot.
  2. You won’t be able to binge watch because you’ll have several major assignments due at the end of every month.
  3. Your eyes will become more redder than an anime girl’s cheeks when she blushes to her Senpai.
  4. Sleep will become a scarce luxury, as in your bedtime will be midnight to around 1am; 3am if you watch YouTube videos until you fall asleep.
  5. Your brain will freeze up multiple times due to all the information you are applying to your work.
  6. You will drink a lot more caffeine. Drink enough and you will have nightmares. That’s not fun. Trust me.

All those are a possibility, but a long as you have good discipline and good time management, you will make it. You’ll want to throw up afterwards but you will make it if you want to. The 18 hours semester doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds. I have a class that lasted once a week and we usually don’t stay the full class period. And the assignments for that class wasn’t due until the end of the semester, so I was able to space out what tasks could be done by whatever date I chose. So in my case, it was 15 hours plus 3.

It’s important that you choose classes that aren’t going to rip you hair off. You can choose them based on the priority. If your biology course is more important than you creative writing class, it’s okay to slack a bit on the latter, but not too much. It’s all comes down to balance.

One huge situation was that I wasn’t able to relax because after you turn in your assignment, another one come at you. That has happened to me multiple times.  I understand that in companies, there are due date. You can ask for an extension. What really threw me off this semester what I was required to give it my all in more classes than I was expected.

It wouldn’t have been bad except for one thing: perfectionism. I hate that word. When I hear perfection, I think about my family, more particularly, my older sister. She has always had everything she wanted. From getting cars to owning a house. She was the first member of our family to go to college. That made me made because I wanted to be the first member. Sometimes if felt like a competition. I never wanted it to be. That’s why when the any professor asked me to do an assignment that I knew I could do, I jumped in, head first, ready to go for it. Soon, I get overwhelm by my classmates projects. It feels like I haven’t learned anything in those classes.

Life should never fell like a competition, but it was this semester.

If this semester has taught me anything is I not worry about being perfect. I need to be excellent. That’s what I plan to do as my new years resolution: to not be perfect.

I don’t need to be perfect for anyone.

It’s really crazy. When I was around people at Craft Content, WordCamp, and BarCamp, I was simply being myself. And I had fun. I got to meet new people, make new friends, and gain an internship at the Nashville Entrepreneurship Center. I will be starting there next year.

Perfection will always be my worst enemy and time will always be my craziest frenemy. But I will never let it control what I do with the rest of my life.

2017 is going to be the year of new territories. And it won’t be perfect, but I’m not planning it to be.