Here something that I found out a while back. Some of your favorite movies have a track of audio that can describe all the actions that  happens on screen. It was really interesting to see how far technology and audio has come since it’s the most honest medium. When I’m listening to audio drama podcasts like The Truth or more recently popular and addictive Terms, I could feel those type of stories come to life through sound.

This type of audio is a bit different from a podcast, but it garners the same effect. It doesn’t change the way the movie conveys the info. Everything about the movie remains the same, but this gives the blind to enjoy the movies.

I discovered this feature a few years ago when Marvel’s Daredevil first premiered on Netflix. it was a good show, but their was some controversy around it. Even though there was a show about a blind superhero, it didn’t have an audio description track. That is understandable because it why not?

After some rallying, Netflix created an audio description track and it was glorious. I never heard anything like it. Assume the short time they had to get an audio description track fully produced, but to make every detail as gripping and chilling makes you look at it a completely different way.

I liked that. I wanted more of that.

After Daredevil, Netflix gave all of their original content audio description tracks, and started making agreements with other studios to do the same. You’d be very surprise when you watch Law and Order S.V.U with your eyes closed.

Adding this type of audio to movies and television adds a new and different layer to what were used to seeing. Try watching movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Revenant, or any MCU movie with your eyes closed. What do you see? Do you still see this action; the same thrills and chills. I do. And it’s freaking awesome.

We’ve enjoyed the new age of entertainment in the media. Why not the blind. This type of storytelling can actually serve anyone who are multitasking citizens. We could catch up on high budget TV shows like Gotham or a comedy like Big Bang Theory while driving.

It’s even available at my school, MTSU. They have acquired technology that lets the blind and the non-blind view movies at the same time.

Their are regulations that requires all networks to have certain amount of hours dedicated to producing audio description tracks to shows like C.S.I.

This is a great example of what technology and storytelling could do. And I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

I recommend people to try it out see the world in the eyes of Matt Murdock.

If you want to learn more about audio descriptions, check the other cool podcast that I’m addicted to called Twenty Thousand Hertz, were they talk about sounds. From Siri to NBC Chimes, they discuss it all. I’ll put the episode under this sentence.

Audio Descriptions

If you want to know more about audio descriptions, you can go to the Audio Description Project website.

Well, until we meet again, my friends. Peace.