Hello everyone.

I have a special treat for you readers to celebrate Halloween.

With talks about Hilary, Trump, safe spaces, and racism, This year’s day of celebrating the spooky is on the back of my university’s minds.

Hopefully, this post will bring some spooky back to your life, in a good way.

Last year, I was a part of a class that taught me audio production and radio journalism. One of our first projects was finding a Halloween-based story.

One person did the history of Halloween, another did the coverage of The Rocky Horror Picture viewing event, and I decided to interview Dr. Jette Halladay, a local professor at MTSU who is an amazing storyteller.

She told me several stories about ghosts appearing in the university. One that I had fun listening to was a female ghost who had a crush on an MTSU student.

I was so engaged with that story that I decided to put some sound effects on it and the results were spectacular.

Happy Halloween!!