Over the past few weeks I have been browsing on Tumblr, Reddit, FanFiction.Net and I have discovered that people are so sensitive about their fictional characters hooking up with the “wrong” people. In the internet, shippers will throw hate storm after hate storm if their OTP isn’t canon with their favorite show.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself: What are shippers? What is OTP?

Well, before you are done reading this blog post, you will find out.


Shipping is derived from the term relationship. It doesn’t mean any actually ship. It’s when die hard fans who wants to see their favorite characters (real of fictional) start a romantic relationship with one another. This could range from just about anyone of any sex or gender. One of the most classic ships ever establish was the Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson.

It can even range from actually people like popular YouTubers sWooZie and Superwoman.

Just think it. Someone might even go as far as shipping regular people just like you.

Doesn’t that creep you out a little bit.

Well, we mostly have the internet to thank for that.

There are literally thousands of video that ships characters from. Matter of fact. Watch this one video I’m about to show you. Don’t worry. You can stomach this one.

As you can see the internet is saturated with shipping videos and fan art.

I personally don’t mind actually. People have their right to dream.

However, fans can take the fandom very serious….to the point where a person who doesn’t know that much about the show in a deeper sense could get badly hurt.


Maybe it’s just me, but I have met some people who can get really mad if you don’t agree with their show. Most of those people are huge anime fans who critic every plotline, discuss every theories as to why this certain character didn’t get as much screen time, and search for any easter eggs that would determine if any new episodes of their favorite show were coming out.

And I’m not gonna lie I have been know for doing the same thing with this.

Power Rangers Movie

Don’t judge me. It was a great show when I was a little and I am glad that the movie is coming next year.


Depending on the show, fandom could get very hostile. Shows like Gravity Falls tend to have fans of all ages. However there is a dark side to Gravity Falls fandom. If leave it to you to google it.


Shows like Steven Universe also has a fandom that is supportive and open-minded. However, if you make fan art of one of the characters and posts it online, expect some harsh criticism if it’s not up to par with how the characters look on the show.

In 2015, a girl posted a drawing of one of the major characters thin, even though her body mass resembles plus sized woman. Fans were outraged, posting mean comments and savagely harassing her online. Later that year she attempted to commit suicide, posting her goodbye letter to her Tumblr page.

I’m going to sleep forever. I’m sorry everyone. I’m just super tired. This will be the last you hear from me. I’m going to be at peace now. I’m sorry.

These are actually words from a teenage girl who thought there was was nothing else she could do. People initially thought she was faking it but she wasn’t. She actually tried to kill herself and was admitted to a hospital.

This has severally damaged Tumblr’s reputation even more than it already was.

People even consider the Steven Universe fandom to be the worst fandom ever conceived. To have fans that nitpicks other fans’ artwork on their favorite characters; something must not be right about the show.

It’s sadly the main reason of why I don’t watch Steven Universe. And it’s a shame because…


We are truly living in a Second Golden Age of Entertainment. With movies and television become neck in neck when it comes to quality. The stories that I have watch, read, and heard has left a lasting effect on me. Shows like Rick and Morty and movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier have inspired me to create stories of my own.

But I have to remember that I didn’t fall in love with the characters, I fell in love with how the stories were told. Even Power Rangers, the show that people call a show in from the 90s have had some outstanding storytelling over the years. Power Rangers: Dino Charge reminds me of what the type of stories they told back in the 90s while bringing in new ways to engage in their audience.

Even when I geek out about what goes on in that show, I have to remember that it is just a show.

It’s great to have a passion for something like Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, but we also have to learn to not all people are going to feel the exact same way. And that’s okay because the things I learn by watch, reading, and listening to stories are going to get me one step closer into realizing my dream in becoming an awesome storyteller and an all out good person.

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