The internet has grown a lot this past decade. From keeping up to date with the news to working projects; the World Wide Web has become a somewhat organic part of Earth’s society. Out of all the achievement that have been brought about because of the internet, one in particular has become the fundamental part of consumer technology.

Not gonna lie. This video is boring, but I will not say that this video was the start of the YouTube evolution. Nowadays, people who have little to no experience in video production or editing could get a camera, point, shoot, and get a million views. But this wasn’t the first ever video to upload on the internet. For that, we’ll have to go back in time to when the internet was no older than a toddler…in the greatest franchise ever conceived.

THE 1990s. 
A time where NWA reined supreme on the music charts and Power Rangers had a few good seasons until the acquisition from Disney.

The early video on the internet could be trace back to 1993 performance by Severe Tire Damage, a garage band made up of employees of DEC Systems Research Center, Xerox PARC (company), and Apple Computer. They opened for the Rolling Stone.


And I never even heard of the guys until I researched the report and they were the first band to ever do a live feed of a concert.

Originally this was just some guys experimenting with a backbone, a part of the computer network that interconnects various pieces of the network, providing a path for exchanging information between different subnetworks. The problem was that it could only carry tiny bits of info and at the time, most operators disabled IP multicasts due to the extremely low bandwidth.

So they decided to create multiple backbones in one huge backbone. From then on the Mbone was born. With it, video conferencing was a little bit more easier.

To think, live streaming was birthed out of a garage/cover band who wanted people to hear their songs.

As the internet grew, online video grew it, as well as threat to the entertainment industry.

In the late 90s, people were given the ability to download online videos; videos of which contains content that was suppose to be paid for not taken for.

Soon PSAs started to appear in the beginning of every movie shown in theaters. Here’s one   to watch.

In 1998, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, was created to criminalizes production and distribution of technology, devices, or services that damages the copyrighted works. I’m not gonna go into details on how messed up that sounds. Let’s just say that the act is slowly becoming more outdated as the internet progress. And when the internet progress online video evolves.

Now with sites like Hulu and Netflix taken the world by storm with it’s web enabled network, and YouTube and Amazon slowly making it’s way into the era of on-demand entertainment.

Live streaming is also a major deal in the video game world with Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Even though YouTube was the site that made online video the way it is now, it wasn’t the first. They just made it a little more easier.

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