This week wasn’t stressful. It went very easy. We had a three day weekend, so the week wasn’t as long as a usual.

I have nothing to blog about this week because I have a lot of projects to do:

  • Working with my team on the videos for the Campus Rec Center.
  • Writing, recording, and producing the next season of my radio show, The Neighborhood.
    • Along with changing the time slot for my show to bring in more guests.
  • Working on my podcast via the Free Podcast Course by John Lee Dumas.
  • Working on the social media branding video, which is due TUESDAY.
  • Figuring our how to create audiograms for my show and cutting rendering time. Apparently that is the toughest part.
  • And most importantly, I have to find a client by the end of the week or I basically set myself up for a semester of hair pulling.

I have faith that this week will be good, but I have to prioritize on my work and not be distracted by any passion projects.

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