This week was not what I thought it was going to be. First, I pitch my idea to the executive board about creating a podcast network designed to expand the radio station’s alternative music image.

Turns out, the DriveTime director pitched a similar idea, starting a community podcast that consists of different DJs.

Here’s another kick in my chest, they working to see if they can get it on the website. I talked to my New Media professor about he asked if I told them about iTunes.

I said, “Yes, I did. But I don’t know. They way they were talking. They wanted to find a way to put it online.”

The executive board did say that that their were some logistics that need to be dealt with before they did anything. My guess: they had to see if they could put it on the website and how much money this was going to cost the studio.

The said that their Webmaster (who they call as someone who runs the website.) has to see if they can do it.

I’m still confident that I could get them on board. I’m going to talk to the DriveTime director about the logistics.

He’s at the office on Fridays, so that where I’ll talk to him in detail about the podcasting plan.

I have some knowledge on how a podcast should run.

I didn’t leave that meeting as a manager of podcasting. It just means that getting that position won’t be overnight.

In other news, I haven’t found a client for my New Media Video Application class or my New Media Capstone. I’ll have to find one soon or I’m in big trouble.

Wow, as you read this, you must be feeling pretty bad for me right now. But a new week is coming, which means a new week for new opportunities and new achievements.

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