I’ve been at school for a week and I already feel a bit overwhelm at the up[coming projects that I have due soon. One of my latest projects is working bringing the Student Run Radio Station, WMTS 88.3, to a digital age of radio: Podcasting.

Initially, I suggested that we start recording our shows and upload them to MixCloud or Soundcloud. They have since denied my idea, but I personally fell that I didn’t explain it properly. I did speak with them again and explained how it might be beneficial for the studio since major public radio studios have adopted on-demand radio programming and have brought in lots of revenue via sponsors like Squarespace and Audible.

They will let me speak in front of them and the entire DJ community to speak my case. In other words: I have pitch them the idea. If the substantial amount of students agree, it might work.

It’s still on the planning process, but I hope to grab their attention with the continuously increasing amount of students and difficult time shifts (working at late night).

This new project that I will be presenting will also include some ways to incorporate the podcast episodes into our automation system. WNYC and NPR uses podcasts in one their stations repeatedly.

And I’ll be there to help them with the resources need to bring their audio files to life.

Students will be given an option to create an interview-based podcast, story-based, niche-based, etc. My favorite podcasts are story based, I’ll feel more comfortable helping them out with the music and software.

Students will also have the choice of how many episodes they want to produce. If they want to do 3, 5, or make weekly episodes. They minimum would be 3 episodes.

We have podcasting equipment and a room to use the equipment.

If this works, I will be leaving the meeting as a new manager.

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