ELECTION TWENTY SIXTEEN is a mini documentary about the combining a collection of videos clips I took on November 8th and 9th

We take a glimpse into how we got here, what we did, and a little bit on what we are going to do next.

This movie has been divided into five separate chapters that has an individual meaning.

  1. The first chapter focuses on the people’s thoughts about how we got here.
  2. The second chapter focuses on why Hillary Clinton was deemed untrustworthy. I try to explain the email scandal and should how other candidates have used this to their advantage.
  3. The third chapter is about first time voters. As crazy as this election has been, it was the some of the millennials first time voting since their were 17 around the last election.
  4. The fourth chapter is a vlog-ish take on how desperate Americans were during election night as some of them we planning on migrating to the Great White North.
  5. The final chapter is the surprising wins by Donald Trump, the future of politics as a whole, and a performance by an American college student.

The full movie will be distributed threw Vimeo, with the exception that it get deduced to around 500 megabytes. Uploading in on YouTube has wide results.


  • Adults 18-49
  • Tennessee Area
  • Access to a smartphone

The reason I created this series remains unknown. I wanted to create a video series that could maybe help a person out with confusion. This election is one of the most unorthadox events that will go down in history as the year of madness, or year of the Toad since I have come across so many Pepe the Frog thumbnails. #YearoftheToad

This web series is aimed to teach people about how, in the end, we are just people trying to have it better than we’ve currently had. However, we should look towards hate to do so.