Just when you thought podcasting couldn’t surprise you, Gimlet Media takes the industry to new heights. Let me explain why.

Gimlet Media is a podcasting production company, founded by Alex Bloomberg. It’s purpose is to create high-quality podcasts through storytelling.

Team Downey and Annapurna Pictures are teaming up to produce a film based on an episode of Reply All, a podcast produced by Gimlet Media. The movie will revolve around the similar direction as the episode. It tells the story of two doctors; Dr. John Brinkley and Dr. Morris Fishbein. One is a doctor that manipulates the public using radio and “medicine”. The latter is a doctor and editor for the journal of the American Medical Association. Set in the 1920, Brinkley uses the upcoming rise of radio to create an empire using lies as the pillars. When Fishbein gets a whiff of this, he starts what will be a decade long fight against Brinkley. Even though this story was back in the roaring 20s, it’s completely parallels how people feel today. Its connection between the past and the present had me hooked to the very end.

Robert Downy, Jr has been cast for a part of the movie, but it is unclear which character he will portray. But my money’s on him taking the role of Brinkley. I listening to the episode, I couldn’t help but sense Brinkley’s charismatic attitude manifesting to the appearance of Tony Stark, or the guy that plays him in the MCU. Just look at the comparison.

What really makes me so happy about this movie is that this movie will be adapting an episode of a podcast. Even though this story has been adapted into a documentary and a book. Having a A-list star in a movie based on an episode from a podcast sounds insane. I might be because of recent events that the producers have taken a sudden interest in this story’s themes and how it compares to what Americans are going through and continues to go through.

Gimlet Media is the company that’s taking podcasting and storytelling to the next level. And there just getting started.

Come back Wednesday to find out.

Until we meet again my friends, Peace.