If you haven’t read What Made the Web Part I, you can click on that link.


The main reason is hypertext, documents containing links to different types of media (movies, pictures, videos, sound). This was first introduced in the NeXT computers in the late 90s. It’s purpose was a make obtaining information as smooth as riding a bike.

At that time, the people were experiencing a new way to creating content for people to use and share. Navigating threw the type of content you wanted to see instead of reading what’s in front of you was practically a godsend during the early days of the World Wide Web.

John December considers the web to be a fundamental communication system because the creation of the hypertext, the extensive use of context, and the connectivity of other medium (television, shopping, daily life)

When researching a project, we search for it on Goggle. First link pops up is a Wikipedia page. You know what they say about students and researching. “You don’t end with Wikipedia. You start with Wikipedia.”

When you look up shopping for something online, most people immediately go to Amazon. If you one of those people who said they having or they don’t, some time in your life, you will. And that’s okay because we can do that.

I can list a few examples on how technology has completely overtaken many entertainment mediums over the year.

  • Twitter: Live tweets an episode of you favorite show
  • YouTube: Reaction videos of trailers, music videos, etc. Creating content and getting discovered, getting your own Netflix show.
  • Netflix: Complete a web only television network with shows that most premium network don’t have the balls to make due to the Broadcasts Standard and Practices.
  • Vine: For people with very short attention spans.
  • Instagram: Pictures and short videos.
  • Snapchat: Just because.
  • Reddit: Why?
  • Tumblr: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ebay: Meh? You get 50 bucks for you old slightly used comic book! Good for you!
  • Facebook: Generic social media BS. What? It technically is at this point.
  • Uber: Better than having to hear some¬†Persian cab driver talk to someone on their cellphone loud enough that you can hear it from the back seat. And when you ask him or her to keep it down, they want to get on you case of it by threaten to kick you out of the cab. Then they have the audacity to ask you for a tip and you just give it to them because you don’t want to feel like a dick for the rest of the night.

All and all, the web has become an extension of ourselves. The Web was made the way it was because of hypertext. Thanks to that nifty tool, we are able to navigate through tons of content easily.


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