I believe that the next big thing is space travel. With people keeping track of rocket missions lately. I truly believe that commercial space travel will become a thing.

I would be surprised if they wind up having a reality television show about living in space for a whole year. I could see it now.

  • Real World: SPACE.
  • The Challenge: SPACE
  • House Hunters: Moon Colony


Last year, a company ask people for 10 dollars and an application for why they believe they should be chosen to go on their first flight to Mars. The catch was that is was a one way trip. Some people sent the application anyway, hoping to make history to be a member of the first group of humans on Mars; to be the one of the first Martians.

They expect to launch in about 10 years. I bet that this will probably be televised internationally because this will be a historical moment and a next step in creating a better future.


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