Over the several mouths their had been reports of self balancing scooters’ batteries overheating, cause them to burst in flames.


Since then, most “hoverboards” were recalled. This also meant that there has been a ban on hoverboards at MTSU. If anyone is caught with these boards, even in their own apartments, will face disciplinary action.

The self balancing scooters might have problems, but I don’t believe that the hoverboard craze is out yet. Or at the very least, not out for people trying to make what we saw in Back to the Future a reality.

Lexus has developed a new type of hoverboard that actually looks cool to use, levitates, and not burst into flames. It’s called SLIDE, a board that uses superconductors and magnets combined to repel the force of gravity and lift an object about a feet in the air.


If you don’t believe me after see that, well here scientific proof that this hoverboard is real.



I’m well aware of the funny or die sketch, but this is not comedy. The Lexus Hoverboard is freaking awesome.


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