What are the effects of you own Internet/ World Wide Web use on various aspects of your personal and social life?

This week’s reading had me thinking about whether the internet has changed me or not.

When I was a kid, I didn’t have that much access to the internet. I could only get it at the school or go to the library.

At the beginning of college, I bought a tablet computer to help me with some of my work. It discover the true potential I had when using the World Wide Web as a personal tool.

I know the internet has opened me to a lot of opportunities and resources that I would have never know existed.

I feel different when I text someone other than talking to them. When I talk to someone face to face, I have problems getting my words across. Some people might take it the wrong way and I end up with a bad gut feeling in stomach.

With texting or emailing someone I could put up a identity for myself. I can put myself our as any type of person I want to be.

Unfortunately, I might run in to some miscommunication issues. This video explains my view of a bad scenario.


I guess I could say that when I go online. I can be everywhere. I could be on Twitter one minute, Facebook in another minute, and go on YouTube at the same time.

Another thing that I could say is that sometimes I might be a little lonely or feel lonely if no one retweet, likes, or reblog.

The best thing that happens to me online is if someone likes what I post online.



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