Google Listen was launched back in 2009 as a distributor for podcasts. Unfortunately, the app died. However, recently, Google came marching back into the podcasting industry by integrating the remains of the old app into Google Play Music app.


I have been using their new feature fora few weeks and I have some things to say.

Google has been attempting to catch up with digital content distributor Spotify for a while. Now their are nearly neck in neck with each other. Though Spotify also has a podcast directory, Google has more variety of podcasts that you couldn’t get on Spotify.

Although, this feature is still new. There are bound to be glitches to their system.

  • One, in particular, was the ability to rewind or fast forward to a special part in a podcast proving to be a huge hassle. It lags almost ever and you have to close the entire app and do it again.
  • Second, the don’t sync from your desktop to the app.
  • Third. the interface is confusing, I would’ve preferred a single app.

There is one cool thing I like about the feature. I lets you change the order of each podcast. You can do chronologically (new to old or old to new) so if it’s like an audio drama, I don’t have to keep scrolling down.

The feature in the app is good, but it still needs to work out a few bugs.

All in all, I’d give it a 7.5/10.

Stitcher is still a good app to download podcast, but they better watch out. The Google Play Music now has the second largest directory of podcast. I know. I checked.


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