As part of my Capstone course, I helped a student organization called the MTSU Student for Environmental Action, by creating a website for their club. MTSU SEA is an environmental awareness group that actively creates a space for a community of sustainable lifestyle policy by educating on issues concerning the human condition, responsibility, and relationship with the Earth. They believed that making MTSU a greener place was a start.

To check out this website you can click on the logo below.


DATE: 12.1.16
CLIENT: MTSU Students for Environmental Action (MTSU SEA)

Their Mission: Our mission is to appreciate and protect the environment, while enlightening and educating others
to do the same. SEA continuously works to facilitate a just transition towards a more sustainable
campus and community.
Their Vision: Our vision is for SEA to lead MTSU to be an energy independent campus. We will actively
engage MTSU students to be more aware of the ecological ramifications of their daily actions and
the various issues that threaten the environment in their communities.

PROJECT: Website design and social media presence for MTSU SEA.

Project description: This website would act as an official website for MTSU Students for Environmental Action, an
environmental awareness group. They wanted a place where people could get their information in
the best way possible.

They believe that having a website would help them increase their presences online.

Objectives: The objectives for this website is to create a site for students to share their opinions in an organized
way. During the visits at their student organization, they talk about wanting to create a place where
current members of MTSU Sea members could have a one stop site for all their latest events they’re

They also wanted to have a stronger presence on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are
their main social media handles. I believe that this is a good start for enhancing their exposure.

The objectives are to have a 5 % increase in members by the end of the February 2017, increase the
relationship amongst the current members by the end of the December, and increase exposure with
MTSU Students for Environmental Action by the beginning of August 2017.

Audiences: MTSU students, Variety of incomes, People who want to learn tips that could not only preserve the planet but also save money (Recycle and money are often perceived as being more expensive), Students who use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify (Generally anyone who has a smartphone)

It’s important to get the type of audiences that knows a little about protecting the environment. During my research, the top reason on why people don’t recycle is because of its inconvenience with everyday life. According to a poll from Huffington Post, around 34% of the south does not have accessible recycling bins.

MTSU has more recycling bins and trash compactors thanks to our Student Government Association’s Sustainable Campus Fund, which funds green activities such as the compactors, water refilling stations and solar panels on campus.

They also proposed more water bottle fillers around campus, believing that this will encourage more students to carry their own water bottles instead of buying bottled water and throwing away plastic.

Creative Approach: The new MTSU Sea website is designed for students to have a two click experience. All the information a visitor will want to know about the organization would be approximately two clicks away.
Based on the recent sites on recycling, the best thing to do would be to stick to a minimalist design, which would best fit for smartphone users.

  • Taking with its members, they asked for the following features to be included into the website:
    Social media plugins embedded in the front page
  • Information about its executive members (Advisor, President, VP, Secretary, PR, etc)
  • A page dedicated to addresses on the nearest recycling centers (in the Murfreesboro area)
  • Calendar on the events that is taking places in the organization


Originally it was suggested that we also get the organization into Snapchat, but several students
were too busy.

When designing this site, I had to factor in the availability of the students updating the site often. My job was to bring the website up and running. The rest will be solely up to them.

After much talking and planning, I believe that it would be best for the students to show the new
members the site.

I would implement a call to action in the website so that students would know that MTSU SEA has
social media handles.


MTSU Students working towards making our university more sustainable as well as fighting for
environmental conservation. Join our cause to change the world through action and education.

The visitor will enter the site with picture of student members of MTSU Sea having a good time
doing club activities such as recycling and hiking through the woods to clean up park.

Some features in this site would include the following:

  • Map of all the recycling centers that are near MTSU, including addresses.
  • Preservation/Recycle Life Hacks and tips, Blog posts about various events that MTSU Sea are involved in, including the explanation of Standing Rock
  • Embedded plugins from social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)


We would undertake to do the following:

  • WordPress: A content management program that create websites for people. It’s one of the
    easiest systems to create sites with little to no code.
  • Adobe Illustrator
    • Logo Design: I want to add something new to their look without affecting how they work.
      They were amazed with the result.
    • Adobe Illustrator was used to trace out the leaf from the old logo and find a bold font that could catch a person’s eye.
  • Copywriting: Some content contains mostly a series of tips about saving. Reason why there is content like this is because they mostly notify their members via MyMT, another content based system that student
    organizations use to obtain access to all the events and for students to easily find events planned by
    other organizations around the university.
  • Buttons
    • Being limited by WordPress free plan, some of the features could not be used.
    • I created buttons using Illustrator.
    • Each button is linked to a single page for each officer.

Up until this year, they never had any other site.

October 10th | Attend meetings with MTSU Sea
October 15th | Research other eco-friendly sites
October 31st | Brainstorming ideas about what they want
November 7th | Interview Melissa Shelby about Standing Rock
November 14th | Post Recycling Tips
November 25th | Organized the navigation bar on the site
November 30th | Launch the Site