Shows like Adventure Time and Game of Thrones are prime example of the golden age of entertainment. Since their premiere, other networks like have begun spurring up show that can reach the same caliber as the aforementioned shows that became the forefront behind the renaissance we are witnessing today.

Most of the credit goes to the internet and its rules in regulating content that’s continuously being uploaded, in comparison to traditional television and radio. The rest go to the fans who demanded that we have better stories to read, watch, and more recently, listen.

The Second Best Subscription for a Millennial to Have. It’s a standalone streaming service that gives you all of HBO—no TV package required.

Netflix and YouTube are major platforms in distributing amazing content.  When my friends talk about what they saw last night, its either a show they binged on next Netflix, a funny video on YouTube, or an insane and thought-provoking episode show on HBO.

However, some content creators have started creating their own subscription based services for their fans.

Here’s how it works. I’ll be using Rooster Teeth as an example.

There’s trying to become the HBO for the internet. RT Forever

On July 1st, 2016, Rooster Teeth unveiled their new subscription based service called Rooster Teeth First. This service gave the members who purchased the plan access to early viewings to all of their content, discounts to all their merchandise, and exclusive shows or movies that can only be seen by members. That means their most recent shows like Crunch Time and Day 5 (both amazing shows by the way) are not available on any other site but their Rooster Teeth.

There are some benefits from creating your own little Netflix.

  • You’re able to develop a direct connection to yourself and the fan.
  • On a financial note, putting your own content to Netflix cost around $1,000 dollars. If you have the budget, all power to you. For those who still want to know  VHX is a online company that will help you create your channel to distribute exclusive content for your viewer to watch for a price of your choosing. The best part is that you can start for free. If you still want to put your show on Netflix, Cinedigm might be your best bet. They also help get your content on the DVD shelves at retail stores if you want.
  • It establishes you as a businessperson. Producing your own content means that you don’t have to rely on any platform that takes part of the revenue from you. On YouTube, an average channel’s ad revenue is about $2 per view.

Their are some disadvantages as well.

  • You are not rely on YouTube for creating your exclusive content. Despite what YouTube does to tick creators off, it has features that ensure that your content gets picked out by the viewer.
  • If your fans aren’t immediately hooked on what you upload on your private service, or if they don’t see a significant difference between what you make for your service and the stuff you put on YouTube, then the viewers might get really frustrated. They might even unsubscribe to your channel because they feel betrayed and robbed because you took their money and gave them crap.
  • You might not know what your doing the first time. It’s bad because you might have great content, but with out the right marketing, you’ll be wasting money.

While observing what Rooster Teeth has been doing, I believed I have figure out what to do to create my own Netflix. And I’m here to share them with you.

  1. Establish an large audience. I know you might have heard this a dozen time before but that is the first step. Having an large devoted audience will help our a lot because you count on your fans to support you with everything you produce. Having sites like YouTube definitely helps, especially if you have a crap ton of subscribers.
  2. Advertisements are key. When Rooster Teeth First came to play, I saw a lot of mini ads in each upload from their YouTube channel, which has almost 9 million subscribers with 4.6 billion views, Also, it doesn’t hurt to show it on social media.
  3. Make sure that the benefits are worth it. Add special stuff like exclusive goodies that will make the views keep their monthly subscription to you.
  4. And one more thing: make your content is worth watching. The reason why Rooster Teeth is a great company is because they know how to keep the hype train going for their show. Two in particular, Red vs. Blue and R.W.B.Y. are one of my favorite show and they always release special features that are only for RT First members. Those show are great because their were given the time to develop. DON’T GIVE YOU AUDIENCE HALF ASS WORK FOR FULL PRICE.

Even those tips are helpful, there is one overall thing that you must do to ensure this will work.


Make sure they remember you. Those are good words to live by.

We live in what is being dubbed the Recap Media Culture. People talk about their favorite shows on social media and in person.

If you believe that you have what it takes to create a such a great show that compete with dragons, strong female characters, a man who makes politics more savage than a rabid dog, or a world where sleeping means sudden death, make it happen. Create your own Netflix.