Hello, fellow reader!

My name is Deonta Ridley, I was born and raised in Nashville, and I love stories.

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to go on to not only be a writer but a great storyteller. When I graduated from Maplewood High School in 2013, I knew that Middle Tennessee State University was the perfect school to learn how to accomplish that dream.

In the beginning of my college career, I joined WMTS, a student run radio station at the College of Media and Entertainment. I interned for them in late 2013 and launched my radio show, The Neighborhood, in the beginning of 2014. It was at WMTS that I discovered a strong interest for podcasting. Since then, I have produced several radio stories at WMOT. Some of them are currently available on my Soundcloud page.

At February 2014, I was a general council member of Raider Entertainment, a student organization that facilitated events for the MTSU students and faculty. Those events would range from retro game nights, projecting movies, or other university wide events that would let student have some fun after classes were done. As a general member, I would volunteer time to facilitate these activities. One of the most fun parts about being a member was voting which movies we would play in the Student Union Theater. I would participate in the meet and greet with performers like Icona Pop, Hannibal Burress, and Todrick Hall.

I spent 85 hours helping Raider Entertainment with providing fun for other students. I made many friends of whom I stay in contact with. In late 2016, it was re-branded as MT Spare, but I will always remember it as Raider Entertainment because it was a starting point to become a True Blue student

In late 2015, became a member of Sandbox, a creative collaboration group that acts as a hub for students who major in any creative field to connect with one another, forming friendships and networking opportunities. Over time, I became a designer for Sandbox, creating their logos and occasionally managing their social media.

During my final semester, I became an intern for Clark Buckner, a guy who works at Nashville Entrepreneur Center, an organization that helps start-up companies grow; to provide guidance in the business world. This internship help me learn all sorts of skills; from email marketing to podcast studio design.

When I’m not creating content, I loves to play video games. My favorite genres are driving games like Need for Speed and first-person shooters like Call of Duty or Halo. Grand Theft Auto is the exception since it’s mostly third-person. I’m also a huge fan of Power Rangers, my all-time favorite childhood show.

My favorite hobbies are podcasting, creative writing, graphic design, and making jokes as often he can.

In the future, I see myself working at a creative agency in Nashville. I also see myself writing a book series someday. Everyday I dream of being like Rooster Teeth’s co-founder Burnie Burns and ABC Scandal’s showrunner Shronda Rhimes, two great storytellers who inspired me to major in New Media Communication.

When I say I’m majoring in New Media Communication, people asked me, “What’s new media?”

According to my professor it’s “teaching about the technology of tomorrow today”.

I personally like to see it as applying digital media in an interactive way.

In my years as an MTSU student, I have participated in organizations that helped me further my goals, expand my network, enhance my storytelling skills, and have some fun.

This website will act as an extension of myself. And I hope that as time goes by I will continue to evolve and grow into some great.